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Past Medical Camps

Our first medical camp is in the books! See how it went.

What Did We Do During Our Medical Camp?
Some Common Trends

Our focus was preventative care. We saw that a lot of our patients suffered from ailments with preventable causes. The most common cause was malnutrition. We aim to mitigate this issue in the communities we are trying to help, and will continue to do so in future events. Our patients often suffered from malnutrition even though many of them farm and grow their own food.

After having conversations with them, we realized that many did not know how to follow a healthy diet. We spent time educating them on healthy eating habits and what the proportions of vegetables, protein, grain, and dairy should be in their diets. Pairing education with treating their symptoms of malnutrition allows more comfort and growth

Remediate treatable illnesses

Medications, braces, and at-home exercises were used to treat bacterial infections, joint and muscle injuries, wounds, and skin issues.

Follow up care

We gave patients referrals for government hospitals which enables them to access free Healthcare in the future


Malnutrition caused most of the symptoms our patients experienced. With the correct knowledge, they will be able to better nourish their bodies and decrease future likelihood of symptoms.

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