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Ashwasan's Impact

Why we do what we do

Socio-economic disparities in India give rise to a large gap between the quality of healthcare accessible to people of difference income levels. The effects of health inequity are magnified when we look at lower-income communities in rural India.

  • Average life expectancies of state with larger urban populations can be >10 years higher than states with larger rural populations 

  • From 1995 to 2005, the infant mortality rate for the poorest quintile of the population was 12%, while the infant mortality rate for the richest quintile of the population was only 4% (NCBI)

  • 58% of the population in urban areas has coverage for preventative health care, and only 39% of the rural population has similar coverage. (NCBI)

Ashwasan is working towards bridging the gap between rural and urban populations' access to healthcare. We are currently holding medical camps in near the outskirts of Waghai, a small village in Gujurat. There are more than 750 people in Waghai who will gain access to proper health care due to Ashwasan's efforts. Many of them have treatable conditions that have been left untreated because of geographical and economical barriers to accessing doctor's clinics and hospitals. A few communities in Waghai have not received routine immunizations in the past 50 years. Our medical team will be working closely with local health authorities to determine people's elligibility to obtain these vaccines.

As our NGO grows, we aim to help communities all across India.

Goal Tracker

1670 USD
(funds our second medical camp)

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