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Waghai is a small village in Gujarat. 92% of the population is part of the Dangi ethnic group. They make handicrafts with: bamboo, wood, cloth, embroidery, beads, and more. The intricate handmade designs depict stories of local festivals and folklore.

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Ekta Devi

Meet Ekta Devi! She makes the children's toys on our marketplace. Ekta Devi started creating art when she was six. Making children's toys out of wood has been her passion for the past 17 years. She also enjoys flying kites on Makarsankranti.

Ekta Devi enjoys being part of our artist team because it gives her a chance to showcase her art to help her family and community. She makes children's toys because she wants to raise awareness for children not having access to healthcare.

Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar comes from a family of Dangi artists. They work with various materials such and beads, cloth, and bamboo. He enjoys using bamboo and makes the vases that you see on our site. His favorite holiday is Diwali, and his favorite sweet is kaju katri.

He likes being a part of our team because he wants his community to be able to get treatments more often. He remembers how hard it was for his family to find a doctor when he broke his arm as a child. They had to travel through the mountainous areas surrounding Waghai to get to the nearest town and hospital.

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Nirmala Ben

Meet Nirmala Ben! She is the newest member of our team. She makes wooden animal figurines using techniques that she learned from her mother. She enjoys cooking new recipes for her family in her free time. Her favorite one so far is momos!

Nirmala Ben says she loves making art inspired by nature and hopes to make others care more about animals through her art.

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